Company Information

Director : Mpho Makhado
Who is Ontime Auctioneers and Properties?

  • Founded in 2010
  • 100% Black Economic Empowerment Company
  • Situated at Lonehill, Fourways, Gauteng
  • Providers of real estate services i.e property auctioneering, sales, letting, developments, auctions, property management, bonds.

Our Mission
Ontime Auctioneers and Properties' mission is to create wealth and value for all our stakeholders through providing innovative property solutions.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve this by being the most preferred, honest and reliable real estate empowerment business in South Africa and internationally in all sectors of real estate.

Our Commitment

We aim to achieve this through continually striving to deliver efficient and innovative services to the industry through

  • Adhering to the code of conduct of the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
  • Maintaining a high standard of professionalism through well trained and motivated personnel
  • Continually monitoring the performance of personnel to be in line with the goals.
  • Providing the best service to customers by effective advises, punctuality, reliability and honesty and ensuring that the customers get the best deals.
  • Achieve revolutionary results through by working to have the greatest market share in the industry.
  • Empower all participants to maximise the profits from all operations and help them start their own businesses.
  • Having the client's needs at heart at all times than our own, and
  • Continuous improvement on all our business dealings.
  • Team work spirit among colleagues

Core Values

Our core values reflect what is truly key to Ontime properties’ success as a company. They are not merely values that change from time to time, situation to situation nor from person to person, but rather they are the foundation of our company culture. By maintaining our core values, regardless of how large a company we may become, we can maintain what has always been special about our company and what makes our team proud to be part of the legacy we are trying to create. These core values are the soul and spirit of our company

  • Reliability, Honesty and Integrity at all times--- We are resolute in our honesty and integrity and we never underestimate the importance of treating others fairly and with respect. Our business is based on "Ubuntu" principles.
  • Constant communication and feedback with clients - We exist for our clients and promises we make to clients and colleaques are promises we keep. We take ownership of problems and without making excuses, try to find solutions.
  • Revolutionary results-We relentlessly get better by rewarding and recognising higher performance. We are passionate about delivering superior results and encourage ambition in all our human resources to achieve their full potential.
  • Client Centred Approach - We treat clients' assets as if they are ours and aim to maximise returns through a disciplined, hardworking and dynamic entrepreneurial culture of continuous improvement.
  • Teamwork - We win by working as a team. Sharing fresh and innovative ideas and supporting each other is of paramount importance to us. We recognise that by working together, we are stronger and more effective and can achieve more than as individuals.
  • Availability and being ONTIME-We regard being late for appointments as disrespect and not taking our business and clients as serious. We therefore endeavour to always be Ontime, hence our name.

Value proposition and Philosophy

  • We are a client-cantered business and existing for our clients is our core value proposition.
  • We offer a complete real estate turnkey operation fully integrated spectrum of property sales and services which include auctions, property sales, letting, bonds, valuations, developments, and management.
  • Providers of the much-needed quick and efficient property sales through honest valuations and recognizing client need to sell as quick as possible.
  • We create an environment of real people in a real company wanting to be part of a winning team through ensuring that we get the right people fielded in their right positions, develop a culture of self discipline and sustained focus to stay focused on the goal.
  • Win- win situation-we create this situation by ensuring that all our clients got real good value for money properties with equities in them to ensure their own sustainable wealth spectrum.

Our service offering

Auctions -
We believe anything of value has to be sold on auction and no other way.
We guarantee to get you an offer at any property, of course subject to your acceptance. Our auction commission structure ranges from 6 -10 percent as agreed with our clients, dependent on the nature of the property and advertisements required before auctions to make it a success. It also varies on the number and value of properties at hand, and the deposits are compulsory on offers, from which the commission will be deducted on successful deals as agreed with the clients. Our auction division facilitates quick sales of properties. The client and auctioneer will agree on who carries the advertising costs and marketing materials and expenses and the commission payable is 10 percent on offer received. In auctions, our commission will be retained from client deposit on acceptance and is not subject to bond approval.

Sales - our commission structure is 7.5 % on all normal sales and we charge 6% on bulk sales where the client has a number of properties that he needs to sell. The percentage is levied on the property sale amount and is payable by the seller on whatever offer he accepts. We are open to splitting commission on a 50/50 basis with real estate companies who find the buyer for the property we have a mandate on. The commissions are payable on registration of the property.

Rentals -
We charge commission of 8% on once off rentals where the client requests us to find him a tenant and he continues managing the tenant.
We charge 10% in monthly management of clients where we find a tenant and continue collecting rentals from tenants and pay the due amount to the landlord. In these cases we will keep the one month rental deposit in our interest bearing account for the benefit of the tenant at the end of lease.
We charge 12% where we collect rentals and the landlord requires us to fully manage the property in terms of paying all levies and bonds, ensuring that the geysers and all maintenance are done by our company on behalf of the landlord.
Mortgage origination - We have our own in-house bonds division which ensures we get the best bond rate for the client from all financial institutions. Applications are made on behalf of the client at no fee basis from the customer.
Commercial and Industrial - Our company facilitates industrial and commercial sales and rentals at a flat commission rate structure of 10 percent which is payable on acceptance of offer.
Why Ontime Auctioneers and Properties?

  • Tailor made marketing and each client treated as unique with unique needs.
  • Young Dynamic Consulting Team
  • Broad Management Consulting Expertise
  • Diversified Skill Set
  • Passionate about real estate
  • Extensive training experience
  • Excellent Black Economic Empowerment Credentials
  • We are registered with EAAB, IEASA, and NHBRC.
  • We have good relationships with other auctioneers and real estate agents, and
  • WE DELIVER!!!!!!!!