Interesting facts about property investments

Wealth can mean different things to different people. To the financially literate, it means owning of assets that generate income. The scenario in South Africa remains that more than 60% of properties are still owned by the white community; followed by the Indian community and the black community is at the bottom but is given naming rights of streets and town. The question is; who is wealthy? The imbalance is appalling and apartheid cannot be blamed for lack of property ownership, people need to change their mindsets. Many people in this country have levels of wealth that range from ‘comfortable’ to ‘obscene.

At Ontime properties, we want to show you that attaining any of these levels is for anyone!!It is impossible to make a bad property investment seeing that Property investment is a long-term strategy that is less vulnerable to changes in the market and the economy. One simple fact remains constant though, there is security in property. This truth does not change, regardless of the present conditions in the world. The world’s first ever millionaire was a man by the name of John Astor who made some money trading furs back in the early 1800s. He then saw the security of real estate and bought all he could.

His advice to his family? “Buy every foot of land on the island of Manhattan.” He died with his fortune intact, leaving his kin $20 million in 1848…that’s more than $450 BILLION in today’s money!

The truth remains…there is security in property…just ask John Astor’s family! The value of your property can increase in numerous ways.